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  • Hospitals-47196_11

    Healthcare Safety & Security

    At APG, we are committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment at your hospital and have invested significant time...
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  • residential

    Residential Communities

    APG Security has over 35 years experienced in providing professional security services to residential communities in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and...
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  • College Background Image

    Colleges & Universities

    APG Security has the experience and resources to provide professional uniformed security services to Colleges and Universities having served several...
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  • MDA

    Maritime & Port Terminals

    APG Security has provided uniformed security and investigative services to seaport terminals since 2005.  Through effective partnerships with state and...
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  • imagesCA6BKRX3

    Commercial Real Estate

    At APG, we work with our clients to develop cost-effective security programs that combine our experience and knowledge of the commercial real...
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  • bank

    Financial Institutions

    APG Security understands the complex needs of financial institutions. Protection of each institution's property, people, and confidential customer information is...
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  • hotels and resorts

    Hotels & Resorts

    With the current climate of unrest, criminal activities and potential terrorist threats, it is vital that businesses are equipped to...
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