Hotels & Resorts

With the current climate of unrest, criminal activities and potential terrorist threats, it is vital that businesses are equipped to deal with situations should they arise.  Hotels and resorts can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to criminal activity as, by necessity, they have open and easy access.

From Five-Star hotels to exclusive resorts, APG’s customized security solutions ensures a safe and secure environment for staff, tenants, and visitors. APG Security Officers are thoroughly trained to ensure a comforting environment for tenants while maintaining a safe and secure environment.


  • Access & Entry Control
  • Concierge Services and Front Desk staffing
  • Event Security
  • Emergency Operations Plan Development, Implementation, and Exercises
  • Parking/Valet Services
  • Safety and Security Assessments, Surveys & Gap Analysis


The APG Security Training Program is our professionally designed and executed approach to training that offers employees a variety of quality learning and development programs. Our specialized training industry prepares Security Officers to work effectively to maintain the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

APG’s industry-leading training academies combine both web-based and instructor-led sessions.  Our certified instructors have experience with local, state or federal law enforcement agencies as well as the United States Military.

Security Officers are specifically trained in the following:

  • Access & Entry Control
  • Customer Service
  • Concierge
  • Emergency Response and Evacuation
  • Fire Safety
  • Guest Relations

Seamless Transition

APG Security understands the concerns involved in transitioning a security program. For more than 30 years, APG has managed success proprietary conversions. Our experience and attention to detail allow for a smooth changeover with positive results. The transition plans includes:

  • Safety and Security Risk Assessment
  • Transition Management Team
  • Security Force Deployment
  • Customized Training Manual
  • On-Site Security Officer Training