Investigative Services

Employee crime is a continuing problem for business. Any security compromise can negatively impact your business and your bottom line. Uncovering wrongdoing in your organization can be both difficult and delicate, whether the problem involves employees or unknown sources. APG Security’s experienced and qualified investigators can tactfully and professionally resolve these matters.

Our Sterling Investigative Services division has provided investigative services to virtually all of the major insurance companies for over 15 years. We are one of the largest Origin and Cause Examiners in the region and offer a full array of insurance services from arson examinations to locksmith services.

Our investigations are conducted thoroughly, responsibly and discreetly; always with your complete knowledge and approval of the investigative procedures. When implemented, these responsive and responsible techniques will produce positive results.

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Auto, Technical & Forensic Services

  • Arson Investigations
  • Origin & Cause Examinations
  • Lock & Key Lab Services
  • Liability Investigations
  • Locksmith Services
  • Expert Testimony
  • The Joint Commission and DNV

Investigative Services

  • Background Investigations
  • Financial Asset Checks
  • Corporate Fraud Investigations
  • Patent/Trademark Infringements
  • Product Counterfeiting
  • Product Diversions
  • Surveillance
  • Litigation Support